About Shang He

The iron and steel industry is termed the “mother of all industries” and serves as a reference point for social and construction development, while stainless steel is a high-end steel in the industry. Stainless steel is inherently diverse, versatile and resistant to wear and tear, and is 100% recyclable, which, together with its unique texture and metallic feel after processing, makes it the preferred choice for many high-quality products.

Shang He Steel Co. has been working hard in the sector and is well versed in the processing of various stainless-steel materials. In line with the trend of the times, our company is dedicated to pursuing more precise and perfect processing quality and providing more professional and perfect customer services, and is committed to helping our customers build a solid product foundation and create corporate value.

With over 40 years of processing expertise, Shang He Steel Co. sincerely assists customers in selecting the most suitable stainless-steel material and promises to deliver a product that is as impressive as a work of art.

Why Choose Us

With 40 years of experience, we specialize in stainless steel materials and have the expertise to cut and slit steel to help our customers get the right material, making us your top choice for the supply of stainless steel.

Fast Delivery

We have a large inventory and many machines and equipment to shorten the production time quickly. (Delivery method: by truck / sea / air)

High Quality

Assurance of zero defects with inspection instruments, video surveillance for production and third-party certification

ERP System Management

As the volume of business increases and manual processing becomes obsolete, a proper system management can reduce staff errors, boost the efficiency of the workflow and respond to customer needs as quickly as possible.

Variety of Product Sizes

A wide range of manufacturing equipment and steel specs and sizes are available to satisfy customer needs in a one-stop shop.

Easy Communication

We deal with problems at the earliest possible time and provide immediate responses with great attention to detail, and offer professional advice, saving our customers time.

New Products
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